The Cars 2024

It’s all about the cars. A celebration of automotive elegance and engineering excellence.

The secret of the Cape 1000’s success is the variety of cars that are eligible for entry. The event is personally curated by the Cape 1000 founder and the admissions committee who ensure that a mix of interesting, rare and exciting cars dominate the rally. After all, it can’t be South Africa’s most beautiful drive if it doesn’t feature the world’s most beautiful cars.

All entries are limited by certain brands, models and by invitation or application. Subject to approval by the admissions committee.

Car Categories

Pre 1977


Our pre-1977 Class celebrates some of the world’s rarest cars. From vintage Bentleys to roaring Daytonas and glorious Gullwings, this class is about interest over value, passion over performance, and elegance over mere beauty.  

1977 – 1996

Modern Classic

1977 through to 1996. The variety in this class sets it apart, from poster cars of our childhood to the cars we used to drive. This emotive class highlights the automotive excellence that was abundant in this period.

1997 – 2024


1997 through to today. This class, limited to just 15 vehicles, brings together the most driver-focused sports and supercars of the modern world. Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche and Ferrari dominate this class.



This class is for special cars where passion and skill have gone into creating a masterpiece of automotive excellence. From customised Americana to restomods and end-of-run continuations and homologations, these vehicles bring big drama, excitement and inspiration to the rally.


The Cape 1000® 2025

Pre-registration is now open



“The people, the planning, the places… simply put: this was one of the greatest motoring experiences of my life. Truly. It was an experience I will never forget, and to share that with my wife, with you all; it was incredible!”

Travis Lavine, USA