Cape 1000 Concludes with Spectacular Success, Raising R250,000 for Charity

Cape Town, South Africa – The second annual Cape 1000 rally has concluded with incredible success, as participants covered 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of the most beautiful drive of 2023. This four-day event saw a mix of classic and modern cars taking the scenic route through the Western Cape. Drivers navigated rain, winding passes, and a thrilling race track finish at the Killarney Race Track.

The Cape 1000 is about the exhilarating drive and supporting charities and communities in need. This year, the event raised a staggering R250,000 for the QuadPara Association of South Africa and the Motorsport Legends Benevolent Fund. The charity auction on the final night added further excitement as participants eagerly bid on unique items.

The 1,600 km journey combined leisurely drives and regulation driving challenging drivers to maintain specific speeds over certain distances. Cars were categorised, with winners determined by the lowest number of points based on time adherence.

The top finishers in each class are as follows:

Tribute Class

  • 1st Place: Travis Levine and Liz in their 1953 Merc 300SL
  • 2nd Place: Greg Maloney and Sean in a 1957 Austin Healy 300
  • 3rd Place: Jordan and Sarah Schmidt in a 1957 MGA Roadster 1500

Classic Cars

  • 1st Place: Miklos Hegyi and Beauann in a Lamborghini Murcielago
  • 2nd Place: Andre Brink and Elmarie 1961 Jaguar E Type
  • 3rd Place: Nigel Sedgwick and Leigh in a 1958 Merc SL190

Modern Classic

  • 1st Place: Dave Bryant and John Ryall in a 1988 Ferrari 328
  • 2nd Place: Neil Scheibe and Eliana in a 1994 Ferrari 355 GTS
  • 3rd Place: Kobus Delport and Jan Hendrik in a 1982 Merc 280 SL W107

Sports Cars

  • 1st Place: Sean Flynn and Daisy in a 2011 Merc SLS
  • 2nd Place: Murray Donkin and Stuart Kidgell in a 2022 Ultima Evolution
  • 3rd Place: Ian Morgan and Jade in a 2000 Ferrari 360


  • 1st Place: Gerard Almon and Marianne
  • 2nd Place: Tony Norris and Justin in a 1933 Ford Model B Pickup
  • 3rd Place: Pieter Venter and Dries


  • 1st Place: Dave Bryant and John Ryall in a 1988 Ferrari 328

“We were absolutely thrilled with the event” says Vanessa Crichton, event organiser “and the sheer number of public that came out at the various locations in the Western Cape to view these amazing cars was very special.”

On the final day at Killarney Race Track, drivers were challenged to complete two timed laps, aiming for the closest lap times. Gerard Almon took first place with a remarkable time of 1 min 31 on both laps. The fastest lap award went to Kobus De Kock, clocking in at 1 min 25 seconds.

Despite a few breakdowns common in classic car rallies, the Cape 1000 was a massive success. Participants reveled in the camaraderie and spirit of the event. With the 2023 rally now over, anticipation is already building for the 2024 Cape 1000.



South Africa's most beautiful drive

“Driving in The Cape 1000 was a joy. Every car told its own story, the landscapes were stunning. The camaraderie among drivers, unforgettable memories and friendships. An adventure that ignited my passion for driving like never before…”